Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Year as a Lawyer ( An old post)

I always wanted to be a lawyer. You see, if you are a lawyer, a job that sounds so prestige and posh, whenever you mention it, people will be like " Wow, you are a lawyer!". But now I just can't help myself feeling miserable and sad.

Normally, you think you have finished your law school, you sailed through your exams, you think you know everything! Soon, you start your chambering, you will find that you are completely in the dark about a lot of things. Indeed, the pain came when I started my chambering! I know nothing about corporate and litigation, what is due diligence exercise? what is preferential share? what is fortuna injunction? what is this what is that...... "here I am, confused and full of questions." I told my friends.

Basically law school does not prepare you to practice law. However, it surely teaches you how to 'think like a lawyer' but to behave like one, still leave a lot to be desired. After 9 months of chambering, the feeling was "overwhelming" to be finally admitted to the bar, then I told myself  "finally! woohooo", thought the nightmares had just ended. I got an offer to stay at the same firm, as a litigation associate.

So, after 9 months of grueling pupilage. My worst nightmare began. I had never handled a file myself before, i took over my colleague's files who was leaving the firm. 20 over active files, to seasoned lawyers that sounds like peanuts. I need to emphasize here, I know definitely NOTHING about construction litigation, banking litigation, company dispute, land dispute, blah blah blah... I still remember, I spent endless nights try to understand the construction AND tender drawings. At times, I was soooo depressed and horrified. I needed to attend case management myself, addressed the Court and Judges myself. Worse, I handled my own trial....yes, I just finished my chambering.

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