Tuesday, August 26, 2014

As a Token of My Appreciation

I just felt a bit lazy at work one day. I logged in my blog of which i abandoned for quite sometime and i was shocked to have found out that there are people still reading my blog.. which i don't find it interesting. Perhaps just phantom. Ha..

First thing first, before OR when i first started up my blog... was out of curiosity. Time in uni was pretty boring and i liked to TALK (even now). My ideal blog was always something like exciting and informative either in food, make up, cosmetic blah blah blah...  I always wanted a canggih phone so that i could snap loads pictures and share here.

So... i gotten myself a iphone 4, to be honest i got it from my sister as she wanted to change to iphone 5. But my blog have never changed since then, even now i'm using a Samsung s4. It is still as boring as hell. All the posts that i posted here like i'm talking to myself.

So... i don't who are those people have been reading and checking out my blog. Anyway,  thank you so much and that makes me to keep my blog alive. I think i should post something exciting, motivating, fascinating, "thought-provoking", attention grabbing, and... and.... (stop here). Stay tuned! xp



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