Sunday, August 26, 2012

My life as a chambering student

if you wanna be a chambering student, you must be a qualified person as in a law graduate. Chambering, is another way of internship where a law graduate having passed the requisite professional examinations. As i'm from local university, therefore i need not sit for CLP ( Certificate in Legal Practice). CLP is a course and examination taken by foreign law graduates in order to become a qualified person as defined under the Legal Profession Act 1976. Lucky me, did not need to sit for another exam, i could then proceed to read in chambers and 9 months later of chambering,then called to the bar and become a qualified lawyer.

Now here i am, doing my third week in Mah-kamariyah & Philip Koh, a medium-big size law firm in Kuala Lumpur.  I was quite nervous before i started my chambering. Worried about the tasks, assignments, whether i'd be able to perform well. I was not excel in school, my concern all the time in university was to pass the exam and graduate. After struggling so hard in STPM,   i told myself i'm not going to study like that anymore. The final exam in my final semester, i did not really spend alot of time like i used to, in revision. I even told myself,  "sure pass one." HAHAHA. Now i'm wondering how the hell i got the guts to tell myself i'ld pass the ultimate exam that time. Thinking about the consequences of not passing the exam now, that gives me goosebumps. Waste another year just for that paper. No, no noooo..i aint gonna do that.

My firm does alot corporate cases, although they have ADR, Civil litigation and conveyancing department. Medium-big size firm always my ideal working place in terms of exposure as i have an apportunity to try different scopes of work then only i can decide which area of law i would like to practice in. Although i have done some litigation works while i did my attachment in Wong associates and solictors, and abit of conveyancing files in Halim Hong & Quek.

Hope that i'll still be fine and in one piece after 9 months. For others, cheers for your incoming excitement and hope the best that you and i can complete it. Lets do it, lets rock it!