Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perhaps..i am wrong

I always think that people must be given a chance to say what they wanna say and do what they wanna do. I don't judge people (hmm... try not to judge) as i don't like people judge me. I always refuse to trust my feeling or my 6th sense, as it always appears before i know that person. Sometimes, it beats me and i will tell myself disappointingly that "i was right!". I used to share things with people, only reliased that people can be that selfish and evil, betray your trust and they care about themselves most times. Everybody wears mask, makes you believe that you're so special to them. Eventually they leave you and  say "sorry" and seek your forgiveness. Everybody is using each other, to achieve their own purposes. Day after day, year after year... you'll realise naturally some people are that selfish. That reminds me Jurisprudence that i learned during my third year in law school, Thomas Hobbes expresses a view that society was formed from a state of nature whereas without an ordered society, people are naturally poor, nasty, brutish and selfish. Its understandable that his views about the core human nature were influenced by his times where the English Civil War and Cromwellian dictatorship had taken place.

Now, i always think that people are selfish and nobody would be that kind to help you if you have problems. Even when i tell my sisters or friends that," hey, you know how i got my shit out of this. He/She helped me out! He/She saved me from this shit!" Their normal response, "he's hitting on you larr! for sure!" " Really? A girl? what does she want from you?better be careful!". Hey hey...hold on...what society am i living now? Civil Law? World War II? or what? I can understand people are trying their best to survive in this society, after all i think we're doing good. We're not at war, economic is okay, our country is getting better(i think, if compared to other countries), the Internal Security Act is ready to be repealed by new legislation. I think our government has taken a big step trying to change the law now, i have no idea and cannot predict the impact of the new legislation on us as civilian, nevertheless, they're trying.

Well, this is the world we're living in, suck it up.