Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lack of attention

People always tell me, "hey, your latest blog post is so emo". "am trying to get attention! IMMA ATTENTION SEEKER!". In this era of information technology, we have social networks such as facebook, twitter, friendster etc. Bringing about a fast evolution of technology in daily life, we can access to internet via phones-- blackberry, iphone, samsung galaxy... all the smart phones, we get information way way faster compare to 50 years ago. How powerful they are now in our life. I believe without all these social networks, i bet Lynas news/protest wouldn't be that influential. But how many people really know the real story behind? Alot of news that appear on the social networks, gossips and whispers. How many of them are true? The story that eventually come to you might be a different version. People add this and that, make it more interesting, and u just believe what you hear or what is published on all these social utilities? *facepalm*

Also, as a result of these. People started abusing social networks, sometimes i doubt the genuineness of stories that i get. I become very suspicious. I know the initial purpose when people create Facebook or Twitter, a place where connects people with friends, family and others. But now... hmmmm.. its like a deadly weapon that may turn against you anytime, have to be careful of what you say, what you do, what you think...cannot simply comment publicly. Ohh dammnn... where is the freedom of speech? So, if you don't want any trouble of these. Try to keep as low profile as you can. People can be superstar maybe just only need a little  bit of effort by posting pretty PS pictures on these social utilities, i honestly tell you guys that, i do not really trust the pictures that i see on internet. =S 

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? *scratching head*