Friday, February 24, 2012

News & Updates

It has been awhile..since last time i posted all my 'natural' look here. HAHA. Anyway, back to holiday, back to party. Have been partying awhile here and there. Mostly are events or special occasions like international deejays sorta.

New semester just started and i'm doing my FINAL sem now. Time flies... like rocket. I actually feel abit anxious of being 'released' soon from almost... 20 years of reading books, exams, teacher, class, classmates. I'm moving towards.. a so called 'new life' ( for others, the definition might be different as they prefer to refer 'new life' as 'marriage life'..well, whatever.) I always tell people, yeaa..i love working blah blah blah cause i finally don't need to depend on somebody...hmmm... come and think about that, actually i do. I still need to wait patiently everymonth for the salary. Grrrr.. money money money. Work to survive, work to get whatever i desire, luxury and all. =.= life is life. LIFE SUCKS! =(

I'm actually quite free this sem, total of 15 Credit hours of classes compared to my normal 23 credit hours of classes that i used to take. Therefore, i make sure every gathering i attend must be memorable. I make sure every house party i go, everybody must be drunk/wasted. i call that.."fun". Its no point you attend a party ,sit at the corner and busy checking out your phone like you're busy texting smbd, c'on! like, seriously?

i think everybody has the same thinking, and parties have been organised weeks follow weeks. Not 'drink drank drunk' parties, rather like gathering, barbeque, so on. We come out for meals more often, red box. Even those people who always reject invitation have shown their faces in many occasions.

This year, i gonna get myself a camera. A fine one. So that i can snap some nice pictures in Aussie. M going  to Gold Coast right after my exam and come back on my birthday. Have a negative thinking that Am i gonna spend it alone this year? haha... well, will let god decide.hehe =p