Friday, December 30, 2011

Sum up 2011 + Christmas + New Year eve Celebration

OK, the end of the year. Lotsa parties and celebration.  Well, man cannot just live by bread alone. We do need other things to complete our life.  December is indeed a 'bread and circuses' month.
When a new year is approaching, people always have their so called new year resolution. I doubt that do people really follow that? hmmm...question mark! Me, i don't have one as i know i won't really stick to that. if i had one, i wish i could i get slimmer this year. HAHAHA!
Ok talk about 2011, it was a great year after all. I joined pageant, more shootings, single and i was able to spend more time with friends and family. Attachment- done, spent my 4 months in law firm and went to travel around after that. Well, i really loved that.  No hard feelings i hope, i sincerely apologize to those i offended and thank those people who have been staying by my side whenever i need them. Now, is 2012! Lets do something crazy!

Christmas Eve

My lady boss had a small Christmas celebration, she called me up. I was laying in bed, watching 'House', so i thought like alright, since i got nothing to do, YEAHH why not! then that went like that, I thought it was a simple celebration, i say simple i mean.. chill and quiet. who knows, when i reached there, i saw 10+ bottles of red wine on the table, and good food as well. 

The thing was, only 10 + of us.. OMG!! yes, i started drinking like...3pm that day? and i was well aware that that night not gonna be an easy night. "WHO CARES!!! ITS CHRISTMAS EVE!"

And then 2nd round, it started around 8pm with family and with all relatives in KL. Its kinda like an annual party that we do it every year, Christmas Eve and New Year Eve- booze and tons of  nice home cooked food- typical Neo's gathering. All of us able to attend this gathering <33 what more could i ask for?


i didnt really eat that night as i had too MUCHHHH at 1st around.

 I  SURVIVED that night. Managed to drive back home..SOBERLY and most importantly, i got home safely. I was kinda proud of myself actually, HAHA! *rolling eyes*


another crazy night for Neo's family. Normally held at my uncle's, and my aunty is damn best baker ever. I MEAN IT WHEN I SAY IT! last year, my mouth was wired shut because of the surgery, so i was not able to eat those nice desserts and all my cousins tempted me and showed me HOW FREAKING TASTY THE DESERTS WERE!!

THIS YEAR...i told myself "I GONNA REVENGE!!!"

 Food is pretty much the same as last year... but the taste...MAMAMMY Yyyyaaa!


They taste like heaven!

with my sis and niece

Sisters, brother, uncle and my lovely cousin <3

Neo's sister 
i actually admire my sister got the courage to cut her hair short (who standing in the middle) *claps*

 with my cousin, who now lives in Spain 

Messy Bar + sexy Bartender 

Me and my cousin's daughter


well, Happy New Year to All of you. I hope that u guys have an awesome year ahead! cherish your love, your family and your friends. I appreciate every moment i spend with the people, especially those who care and love me. Who knows what the future holds in store for me. Life is short, live it now and live it with all your strength and passion! Don't keep it reserve against a day you might not have!


with love,
Alane xx