Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm just a girl

normal day, normal music. using the word 'normal' is abit weird. Well, i can sit there whole day, listen to Toni Brexton and Whitsney Houston's songs. Oldies especially, songs made in a decade before. Well, i kinda like emo songs, yeaps, girls all love emo songs! HAHA.. guess its our nature eh! Have been partying less and trying to spend more time on studies and healthier activities, guess something has changed me *shocked
My friends are so surprised when i tell them "yea, i have no time to party now, free we can have dinner, catch up.". They are like "what?not party but dinner?" C'on! Was i really a party queen to you all last time? i think i was. Isshhh... Things are different now, i prefer to spend more time in reading, doing something beneficial and everyday is so productive. Whats more ridiculous, i sometimes sleep at 11pm on a Saturday nights *shocked x 2*


watch " The Good Wife" the whole weekend, I do party sometimes, but lesser compare to before. Maybe once or twice a month. It really depends on my mood. 
Well, perhaps this is because i'm doing my final year, my student life gonna end soon, i gonna cherish it, blah blah blah...ALTHOUGH i always say that i prefer working cause i can spend my own money. hmmm...i have no certain answer for this, maybe this is the effect of hormone changes...owhhhh no wonder i gain weight so easily now. 

Conclusion: i'm getting old :[ 


Oh no no..maybe this is abit too much for me. :p

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Normal Routine

(This only applies to WEEKDAYS *GRINS*)

My morning routine! Nowadays, i wake up at/around 7.30am, wash up myself, dress up and JOG! Unbelievable right for a lazy bum like me... Well, after months of uncontrolled eating styles and occasionally happy hour, i look like a pregnant woman  now, therefore... i gonna do something i told myself. Normally it takes 1 hour including the warm up, sit ups and cool down. After that, i make myself breakfast. YES, breakfast. To me, breakfast is very very very very.... important. C'on, its first meal of my day, so it must be a kissass one. I've been trying not to skip any of my breakfast, unless i over-sleep, even if i do, i will die die go and dapau something. Perhaps, nasi lemak or MacD breakie. 

 Normally i will prepare something like this, scramble eggs or omellete and sausage. Sometimes with sandwich or pancake. Cant expect me to eat the same thing eevrrryyydaaaayy.


All instant one, HAHA! only need to reheat the mantou and spaghetti i cooked the other day. But now microwave spoiled already, i can't have my mantou anymore. 

and Coffee!! i'm a coffee lover, i'm very particular in coffee, and the are only few cafes i like which are Starbucks and another one is Dr Cafe, St Francisco Coffee not bad also. 1 tea spoon of Nescafe powder, 1 tea spoon of creamer, 1 sugar and 1 sweetened condensed milk. Yeahh, that's Alane's Coffee. HAHA!

Ok now, i tell you why breakfast is so important!! Its common that people skip breakfast, especially those who are trying to lose weight, but let me tell you one thing in which i have doubt about it, there are a lot of articles actually talk about the importance of breakfast where scientific research has confirmed that most of the leading causes of death and chronic diseases are preventable. By adding breakfast to your eating pattern is a major step to improving your lifestyle.

A good breakfast boosts your energy, increases your intention span, and heightens your sense of well-being. You'll have better control of your emotions.  The effect of skipping it- short of attention span, lack of alertness, longer reaction time, low blood sugar, decreased work productivity and the list go on. Anyway, its a good investment of your time. Try to get into a habit of eating breakfast =))

After breakie- as you all aware that--->Girls, need time to dress up and get ready.  I don't really take a long time to prepare ( ok, maybe i lie) anyway, mostly half an hour?

Ok done! my nurdy look! Here i come, UM!!

In between if i have a long break, will come home and take a short nap if i'm really tired.

By the time i reach home after all the classes and discussions, meetings,blah blah blah, its already 7 ish. Again, i cook myself dinner, cause it's healthier and it saves cost. HAHA! steamed chicken and vege is my dinner most nights. 

Then i watch some shows, do my reading blah blah blah..sometimes hang out with friends, la la la....

Anyway, old nenek needs her beauty sleep. =)) 
Nitez everybody *yawn*