Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to a student again

Local Universities decided to synchronize their academic calender with universities abroad, therefore, i'm actually having the so called summer break, 4 months, which means, a period equavalent to a short semester. Work! of course! Though i prefer to travel around, but... can't expect parents to pay for my travelling fees. After few months of working, started to get used to the life am having now. Get up reluctantly every morning, wash up and get ready to work. Only now I realize that, weekends pass pretty damn fast every week. Monday, here we go again, la la la... Friday! T.G.I.F!
I registered my subjects today, as i'm going to my senior year, so i was actually taking my sweet time to register, browsing around, talking and discussing with coursemates on FB! Don't need to fight for place of the subjects that i want like what i did when i was in my junior years. =.=
I feel kind of strange that i'm going back to be a student again. Hmmmm...The best part is all the lectures start at noon, basically i don't need to wake up so that early this semester! Ho ho ho! Goshh..i gonna treasure my last year in law schoollll! Weeeee~ ~