Monday, March 14, 2011

In the bloody cold library

为了等五点的meeting,我装勤劳的躲进library, 平常就很像冰箱了,今天特别的冷,因为外头正下着倾盆大雨。。很冷很冷,冷到手指都有点没自觉了!正不明白为什么要调到这么冷,温点还可省点钱!我们也不用活受罪。。 昨天只睡了四个小时,现在的我感觉眼睛再往上吊。。我好像睡觉哦!!
还好我带了电脑,就将开着fb,假假勤劳,其实有股冲动想在这里开A片,因为library的line特别好。哈哈!朋友们都在fb上留言说pp做完了chapter几了,就觉得很心烦。感觉肩膀上的经也紧了。压力。。。 你们干吗一个个都那么勤劳,勤劳静静就好啦,还在fb上公布。
早上打了几通电话给API的lecturers做我的interviewee, 从上礼拜就已经在打了,一直没联络上,他们到底有没有来上班的?做lecturer真的那么闲?这样让我心情更烦。拿了一堆书去复印,那个小姐说机器坏了,要花点时间。也好啦,我其实也没什么精神读了。
晚上,meeting完了,八点就是排球训练。今天可能又是三小时,很不喜欢,星期一就这么忙。 当然啦,有了那么难忘的weekend!不过,星期天可是待再家一整天,有了严重的hang over,然后又不小心的选错了午餐选择,肚子就一直搅了一整天。

Friday, March 4, 2011

Period, Stress & Emotional

Pain.. because of my period pains. No period in over 2 months, and it is now coming out like water. I'M LOSING BLOOD! People say that periods tend to become less painful as you get older! but i never had bad pain when i was younger. I seriously felt nothing! NOW,it makes me feel sick and literally i can't do anything. Its so annoying , its like tugging/twisting my stomach!i feel crap... =(( 

Frustrated- because of the period and my project paper. I just met my pp advisor. Yes, screwed me upside down. And asked me to re-do my chapter 2. Total of 5 chapters and 10,000 words need be done in 6 weeks, can i do that? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW. Yes, i feel terrible and stressed! and another assignment coming up, company. Great! need to hand in next week. ARRRHHhhhh ignore ignore ignore,feel so shit! ! =(( don't wan to care right now, i'm going to partayyyy tomorrow. 

Emo- i don't know why. I guess it might be caused by my period pains and the stress i get from my homeworks, and now my head is killing me! i need my superman to rescue me =( emo emo EMO!