Sunday, December 26, 2010

A painful experience ='(

    I have been in and out hospital because of my teeth. Last week, the doctor decided to have an oral surgery, which involve removing my impacted wisdom two molars, which could potentially become problematic if not extracted. Therefore, a moderate surgery, full body anesthesia... my sister once told me, when you're on full body anesthesia, you would not dream of anything, no surgical pain and have no memory of the medical procedure. This is somewhat true that i don't even remember how long i stay in the surgery room but i had few weird dreams which i can't recall it now. After few hours the nurses woke me up and i felt my throat was really dry and painful, i requested water to solve my dryness but doctor told me i cant have it as my stomach still weak that time, whenever i drink water, i would puke all out. I stay 2 days in the hospital, it's seriously a painful experience, they later wired shut my mouth, and i force to take everything in LIQUID, ya i mean EVERYTHING!
        Liquid diet, sound exciting right?haha...ya no doubt about that! i blend everything with water, and i need to keep 'drinking'  in order to keep my stomach full. As we all aware that liquid is easy to digest. So my mum and dad have been trying to boil all the healthy Chinese Herbal Soup/medicine for sweet they are, love you mum and dad <3

My lovely teeth

my 'dessert'-long gan + white fungus + Jujube

Home recipe : Carp + herbal ( for healing)
milk, protein, my medicine blah blah blah...

Anyway, i feel better right now thanks to my parents, i'm healing really really fast. Hehe.. See, love gives me strength to face all these pain! it's quite pathetic to spend my Christmas at home, nevertheless i can spend more time with my parents ( although i give them more troubles, hahaha)!!! Anyway, i will see you guys real soon!'

With love,


Saturday, December 25, 2010

older man younger woman relationship

            Often, society likes to pass this judgement whenever they see a older man younger woman relationship " owh, she's in it for his money/ he's in it for the sex". haha, in certain way, i think it's true you know?why would a guy who is over 30 or 35 in love with a girl, maybe just 18, 19 or just passed their legal age, is there any topic they can talk about? One maybe has just finished her high school, another one has been working for almost 10 years, been through alot of situations, met alot of people.. hmmm! whatever~ for me.. i think i prefer older man, the one and only reason is..i don't look young! hahaha..nah, i'm just kidding! i still remember one time i paid my sister a visit with my brother, as my brother is staying nearby my place, so i went and picked my brother up. Just that 1 hour, from s17 to Puchong, my brother who is younger than me 2 years, keeeeepppp talking NONSENSE in the car! ya, he can keep talking and laughing non stop,i was like =.=" SWEAT!!
 "hmmm, can you please stop talking for awhile?please please please" what he was saying is totally LAME! what the fuck!! 
                Ya, older man don't have such problem, at least they think before they speak. They don't make lame jokes! HAHAHA, i'm sorry my brother! To me, the maximum age i can accept..hmm..perhaps 12 years older?hahaha.. Don't go up like 18 years older or even 25 years older! come on, wake up child! THE MAN can be your FATHER!! such a big problem when you go out with him, especially when you hang out with his buddies? FEEL SO WEIRD surrounded by uncles! *lol* unless you look mature!
                Although older men used to be viewed as perverts or "sugar daddies" for dating younger women, for the younger women, dating an older men can be exciting and fulfilling if they can find the right one. The question here is, why would an older man want to date a younger woman?

            The results i got from the internet are:
1. they like..oh no, they enjoy having the BEAUTY of young woman around and feel they will experience a more adventurous sex life. Oh so,the end of the day, dating a younger woman because of "SEX", brilliant! But sometimes, most of the older man younger woman couples i have seen, girls look ...hmm... foxy! Miow ~ ya, they're rather sexy and seductive, not just the typical Taiwanese and Kawaii look! haha..i feel abit hot right now when i think of some of my friends =))

See the difference?haha...

2. in term of Stature, an older man who shows up at a social function with a younger woman on his arm often feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. oh, i think this only happen in Europe, as those blondies look extremely HOT when they're young as compare to Asian, i think most of the Asian girls doing their 20s, they don't really look as mature as Caucasian and European. 

3. Older men realize rather late in life that they would still like to be parents. Younger girl always makes him feel younger, a sense of reliving his youthful days. Imagine that, if the older man is in prime physical condition and the girl still find him attractive, in typical male style he probably figures why go for prunes if you can have a juicy plum or a peach? ya,i think Brad Pitt is still looking good even he turns 47 this year. Hugh Jackman?hell ya, one of the hottest Celebrities in Hollywood, the Australian actor and producer, he's 42 this year!! 

See, love is love, no one really knows why anyone picks anyone else. Real love happens, most of the time a person can't explain why they love someone else. They just do!Gay, Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, black, white,yellow or whatever, love is everywhere! Be happy for them =)) 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's the way i like it ♥

             Exam week supposed to be very suffering and tough.. However, i enjoy it so much! feel like i have tendency of being tortured! haha... wake up early, have my lovely breakfast + coffee. The weather is good, windy and cold. if i could, i would like to have outdoor activities. ya, Volleyball! my favorite sport of all time!i miss my volleyball teammates so much, love to spend time with them, talking nonsense and juicy gossip.
           Peace,no quarrels and no lies. Enjoy my coffee with my favorite songs, slowly a smile spread across my face when something interesting hit my mind. What is it?i ask my myself, a secret  =))
            i believe that everything ends for a reason, so that better things can begin. We have to be positive. I will take everything as a lesson for me, learn from the mistakes and move on, do not stuck at the same place forever since it is not meant to be. 
          Soon, i will be very free. I'm looking forward this Thursday although i have no plan yet. After that, i will head back to Johor and be my mum's good 'girl'..ops, is good 'maid'. I don't like to do house chores, and i believe that nobody does. The one and only thing i will do at home is cooking, cause i love cooking since i was young. My sister always always remind me that  'DON'T FORGET TO HELP MUM!' whenever i go back to Johor. Yes i will, since i got nothing to do there. Back to 2-3 years ago, i don't stay at home much whenever i go back, busy meeting friends as we only see each other once in awhile. But now, i stay at home most of the time. I used to laugh at my sister last time, stay at home grow mushroom. Now, its my turn to stay at home and grow fungus. Haha! what goes around, comes around! I afraid of losing my parents when i notice that they're no longer strong and young as compared to before. Lines which is fold, ridge and crease in their skin make them look older. =((
            Anyway, its time to start my revision again. Gonna work really really hard for good grades! wish me luck xp


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Relationships are fragile

              Every relationship is fragile.. this is all i can say. Its kind of natural regardless casual friendships to lovers. To break a relationship is far easier to maintain it. The reason why we always get hurt in a relationship is because we love him/ her so much that we do not realize that. We get hurt, and we hurt badly from the people we love the most. Relationship just like a glass, perhaps its harder than glass, it begins to crack up after you hit it. Again and again, it will be broken into species. Some people can tolerate, put up and forgive things, manage to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, while others may not able to forgive and forget. No matter how strong we think the relationship is, it can  be vanished in few seconds. We always take for granted the people who are always there for us and we care not to be as careful with their feelings. Recently i saw people posting on Facebook that a conversation between son and mother in different age. 

Age 5: love you, mummy 
Age 15: Mum whatever! you're so annoying!
Age 18: i wanna leave this house
Age 25: Mum i'm not going to have dinner with ya all tonight, gonna OT/ i have dinner with friends.
Age 35: I wanna go back to my Mum's house!
Age 45 : Mum, are you alright?Please don't leave me alone here.
Age 55 : I will do everything for you! Please don't go!
Age 65: i wish i could spend more time with you. i would give up... EVERYTHING for my mum to be here with me...
Age 75 : Mum, i'm sorry. I know how it feels.

Why do people not appreciate something until its gone? Life is unpredictable, you will not know what is gonna happen next. Cherish what you have so that you will not regret when you lose it. We just live once, life not gonna repeat and you will not meet the same person again. Parents, siblings, friends or lovers, they are gift to be cherished.