Monday, November 22, 2010

Some people...

              Recently, i saw people commenting that " money can't buy happiness". Indeed i agree that money can't buy happiness, it just makes life easier. Then A few weeks ago, i saw a girl posting on Facebook that "i will prove you that money can't buy happiness", soon after she wrote it, she posted few pictures of branded hang bag bought by her sugar-daddy, she wrote " yeah, the latest design of xx bag, so excited! thank you my baby, love you forever" I laughed non-stop after i saw it,and i was like "what a hypocrite..."
              I understand that every parent wants to see their children have the best possible life. Its natural, as every parent would love to see their children progress into a better life than the one that they lived. However, parents have repeatedly made the mistake of providing physical possessions and material gain at the expense of other valuable things. Children receive everything that they want, and will never learn to how to appreciate compared to those who have less ( it is quite subjective thou) I just can't stand girls pursuing their happiness by sacrificing everything just for wealth, ya...i do call them "materialistic"! Parents support us by giving us basic needs such as shelter, food, clothes and perhaps transportation, i know how inconvenient it is without a way of transportation... hmm, i respect those who come from a rich family, as long as they appreciate what they are given, and respect what others who might have less at the same time.
                i think most of us have the same mentality that those "princesses" and "princes" are arrogant! Because everything seems so easy to them... They feel entitled to things rather than feel that they should work hard to get the things in life that they want to have. Self-esteem is established when people accomplish things on their own. I realize that those who come from rich families seem to really hate poor people i just don't know the reason, it can be seen that when they refuse to mix around with poor people. Ya, we do know that the situation in South Africa, i have read some articles where most of the poor households are unable to get basic needs as these basic needs might be threatened by prolonged drought . Could you Imagine that you have to live in areas without water and electric supply? You probably need to walk at least 3km to get clean water! Most of the children are left in orphanages due to poverty even though they have a surviving parent or close relative. According to United Nations report on modern slavery, the most common form of human trafficking is for prostitution, which is largely fueled by poverty. Countries like Thailand, India, Zimbabwe etc... a number of girls are turning to prostitution for food to survive because of the increasing rate poverty. It's ironic when we look back at the situation in Malaysia,some people are trying to cut their wrist to get branded stuff cause as they cannot afford. Sometimes i think its the social illness, we have to admit that we dont really need to buy branded stuff and that if we do its not due to the quality or design but just for showing off our social status.
                   Sometimes i wonder is my niece going to be one those materialistic girls? She cries whenever we refuse to fulfill her request! It really bothers me! as i have relatives like that --> arrogant, rude and self serving ...sigh...bit of worried! i always tell my sis, bring her to some national parks or kampung, don't become a city-girl, its really bad!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Assignment season

Normally October to January is my assignment season, i have just done 3 assignments in 3 weeks time...and still i have another 3 assignments + project paper...  I have been running up and down in library, doing some fascinating research into local and international! Honestly speaking, i do enjoy it but  I’m going mad! I've crewed up my life formula! 

My life formula = play(40) + study (60) 
Current situation = play ( <10) + (study + stare at the wall & day dreaming) [>90] 

I've forgotten the taste of having fun with friends. My life is dried and dead... after all, as a poor student what i can do is starring at my laptop screen whole day at home, bull shit-ing with friends, face-booking... what a unproductive day for me! Arrggg... I kinda hate that! What to do?? just don’t feel like reading books at the moment... Not even a second =(    *watering eyes* sob sob

Though I know exam is around the corner, I just wanna laze at home and do nothing. I have 2 papers this semester on 29/11 and 9/12 respectively, still hoping to attain good grades even though i don't study.. *under delusion*  well, its time to come back to real life and face the real world...i know its cruel, we all know that faint heart never won fair lady. After complaining so much, all of a sudden, something hits me... what really happens if i say this: as a student, my duty is to complete my degree with flying colours, shouldn't play so much... rawwhhh....pretty sure that i'm insane if i say this! lol