Friday, October 29, 2010

The biggest Hennessy Artistry Party in town @ Mines

  When we talk about Hennessy Artistry event, they never disappoint us,  when they say free flow, all type of Hennesy Mixed drinks was literally flowing non-stop all night !! Great night, Great company =)) 
This time Hennessy party was held at Malaysia International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC), Mines Resort City !! i didn't expect this party would be this big.. approximately 4,000 party goers have turned up this event!! * so happy* A special thanks to Jason Ong for the passes =*

The entrance , photographers busy taking pictures

Hennessy, Global Art of Mixing =))

Before we enter into the hall, we will pass through this mixing zone. This is the only chance you can really taste the amazing Hennessy mixed drinks because we have special teacher, Mr Julien Defrance teach us how to make a hennesy mixed drink. The mixtures are Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Citrus, Henessy Burry and Henessy Ginger. Out of four i like Henessy Ginger the most. Actually you can try it at home cause it's easy!* weee *, mix with Hennessy + ginger juice+ coke!its tasty trust me!


finally, we get in the hall! wow, its super big compare to previous Hennessy events. I like the lights and the stage, feel like i'm in a super star concert!

love the design 

Samatha, Shan & I

Miss NINA!! OMG, she's super HOT and she's Malaysian! The dancers are hot too xp

Kelvin, ME and Faisal

The Amazing free flow of Hennessy mixed drinks *happy*

Kardinal Official and his partner

Emcee for that night, Henry Golding & Sarah Lian

Da mouth (大嘴巴)from Taiwan

DJ Alex Dreamz,one of America's top disc jockeys,with over 130 remixes to date!!

The sexy dancers... 

Despite the event ended earlier, i did enjoy myself!! WOOHOO!! it was awesome, thumbs up for this Henessy event. Most importantly, at the end of the day, I still SOBER! haha! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i'm a dog lover! yay!

  i loooovvve dogs more than everything, as you can see i put the dog picture as my title background. why?genetic problem i guess, my uncle has more than 10 dogs!sound cool?haha...just don't know why i love them so much, perhaps it's because of their innocent look(wtf..haha)?or because they acting as a guard,my childhood playmate(even now),perhaps a walking companion... By the way, we really gain enormous benefit from dogs. A good example that dogs would improved sanitation by cleaning up human waste and food scraps!

I had one when i was really small, i guess around 6 or 7 year-old. Usually my mother would bring my brother and I to my father's store ( my father has store to put all the hardware thingy such as building materials, sand, brick etc )we spend most of our time there, it was pretty fun ya know-- one of my favorite activities there--->sandplay,as you know that children have always delighted in playing in the sand, bringing our inner and outer worlds together through imagination...and got dirty !Yong Peng is kind of small town, and that time the crime rates were quite high ( are still high now, but safer now) so my father decided to adopt few dogs to be the guard of the store.
                Dogs normally have their procreation period which last 2 months approximately. One of  female dogs got pregnant and that's how i got my 1st pet!I can't remember how many puppies had been born, my brother and i grabbed the 2 cutest one. Too bad, after 1 year of companionship, they died in poisoning...i say it again, its not food poisoning! Unfortunately we had several theft in the store that time, they poisoned the dog and took the things... i still remember that time i burst into tears after i know it... how on earth people can just kill a dog like that, but actually man can be more cruel than this sometimes. 

               Recently, a harrowing footage shows that a blonde teenage woman throwing six helpless puppies into the fast flowing river. The puppies cry pitifully as they know they're facing the certain death! The video was posted on Youtube last month, but i believe that it has been removed afterwards cause i can't find the video now.. I'm shocked at the cruelty of the woman's actions!Animal torture  == is not OKAY!! she's such a sicko throwing pups into the river! i don't really  understand why people can do such thing, and she seems pretty enjoy it! she should pergi mati! i always believe that somebody is up there watching us, so the lady should pray hard, karma will hit her soon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What's law?

           This question has been consistently asked in my Jurisprudence class... well, first talk bout Jurisprudence, what i know about Jurisprudence is that the theory and philosophy of law. ya, i know it sounds abit boring! i just don't want my blog become meaningless, always talk about PARTY or my personal life.. Law is part of my life too!
okie, back to the topic.. in Jurisprudence, the theorists or the philosophers aim to obtain a deeper understanding of law- questions like " what is law?", "why do we need law?", " why do we need to obey the law?", " where does the law come from?" etc... Jurisprudence mainly talk about natural law, the legal obligation, the relationship of law to justice and morality, the system of law and legal institution. Law in Jurisprudence, as i quote "we cannot learn law by learning law. if it is to be more than just technique it is to be so much more than itself: a part of history, a part of economics and sociology, a part of ethics and a philosophy of life." (Lord Radcliffe, The Law and Its Compass) law is not just a legal system, but can be regarded as something part of our life.. it can be considered as our rule of life... everyone has their own rule of life, i like this in this way, i like that in that way... or perhaps it's combination of things in past, present and future , for instance war world I and war world II or 13th May incident in 1969 , the history have had a great impact on us and the actions taken led by these incidents form our society today... it could be referred to every aspect of the legal system, the legislative and judicial process, the working of the legal profession, the nature of and functioning of law. The urge to understand and appraise the relevance of subject matter must lead directly from the apparatus of the rules and principles of the law to jurisprudential exploration of their meaning and their effects on society.
Something i feel interesting is that, whether law in our legal system, is it about justice or morality? like murder, if our law exclude the obligation, its legal to kill somebody... will we do that?just kill somebody like that without any reasons? or with reasons? Another situation is that under Road Transport Act 1987, section 40- exceeding speed limit imposed for such motor vehicle he shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand Ringgit. Although the penalties are severe, why do we still speeding? hmmm, i think it is the moral content in certain statutes, we think it is not alright for us to kill or injure people, not right to do this and that.
The moral reason for obeying a law depends on many things, including how the law was enacted, what problem it was intended to relieve, who instituted the law, how its applied, what behavior it restricts and what right it protects or violates. Obeying laws is moral obligation or legal obligation? why do we obey the law? because it is law?or it is morally right to do that?how do you define "right" and "wrong"? " right" in term of legal right or moral right?
Philosopher tend to go back to the natural stage where there is no law and no government... some theorists say that man in nature is selfish, nasty and brutish ( Hobbes) ; some say that man is equal, neither devil nor a saint, men are social in nature.(Hart).. some even say that man in nature is equal and free to do whatever he like(John Locks).. Hart's opinion is that, if all men are devils then laws will not be effective, they're redundant and will be simply ignored and therefore cause chaos. if all men were saints, laws are not needed as everything will be done fair & just. Another question i would ask, " why do we need law?" To me, i think man is devil and saint. We do not obey the laws, we think they're redundant and ineffective, we don't believe in it. We obey the law, because we have consented to do so, as it says in documents like the Declaration of Independence, and beliefs in shared, if vague, ideas of ‘membership’ in our country. Its pretty hard to determine the answer, as we have different perceptions.
Whatever it is, my jurisprudence knowledge is limited... I hope that miss Sharon( my jurisprudence tutor) is not reading this haha!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm going to Henessy Artistry,23/10/2010

I'm writing this after i have spent almost 1,2,3... yes,6 hours for my presentation slides! great!@@
okie, now..where was i?oh ya, Henessy Artistry... just received confirmation that i have invite for this big event! yeeaaahhhh~~ i have been to this kind of event twice, and i had a great time there! one is the Henessy Artistry which was held in Bangsar, Mist Club, 18th September 2010 =))

Henessy Artistry featuring DJ Inquisitive, Ze & DJ Nesh =))

Baby Lynn and i =D

Some say i look one of the ladies who work there...kesian nye ;)

(from left) Kelvin, Samantha, Jess, ME, Andrew and Jason

yeah, end up i was wasted because of the amazing freeflow!
I couldn't remember how i got home! 1 thing i could remember, booze, nice music, some chatting... when i awake i was lying on my bed, and my head like spinning around and around... yeah! i was totally KO! so this time, i promise myself "i have reputation to look after, better don't be wasted, AGAIN!" ;p

Here, i'm looking forward to this coming Henessy Artistry =)) See ya there !!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Festive mood

yea, i seldom blog cause blogging to me is something like writing an essay , with no pictures attached, my blog looks definitely boring! blog only will be interesting unless i gonna write about some juicy gossip or criticism of some bitches or perhaps... stories like "I'M pregnant" etc..haha! sometimes i have a lot to talk, when it comes to blogging, i will feel like.. where should i start? i'm not that kind of organised person even though i have tried hard to do so, okie since i'm in festive mood, i should talk about the festival that i'm gonna celebrate this coming weekends.

(1) Halloween
i have been spending every of my Halloween to prepare my exam OR my assignmentSS...surprisingly i'm free this year!(actually i still have not done 3 assignments..oh no, i have my project paper also,so....shall we skip that?) NO MATTER WHAT, i'm going to celebrate Halloween this year!!!i'm thinking where should i go and what should i wear... i always want to dress up like the sexy nurse...but i think it looks so slutty, of cause i don't want to dress in costume it makes me look like the stupid kid in Ju-on with the super ugly panda eyes or female ghost with long dark hair and pale face... by the time you successfully frighten the life out of somebody, you will do the same to you when you look yourself in the mirror. haha! so i have a preference for sexy or superhuman costumes... but its pretty hard to find the costume as it's not worth to buy and it is only for one day, specifically its only 1 night! i don't know how much does 1 costume cost , i have my budget too... as i know that some shops actually are letting these costumes out... i need suggestionssssss!!!

(2) foam party
FOAM PARTY wei!basically we want to do it ourselves... at the beginning i feel it is like next to impossible! We squeeze our brain juice out to think ways to create a foam party, just not that complicated as we see outside~ however my roommate, one of the leader in my crazy gang, Shan ping,she insists on doing it for her coming birthday! She even did research on the internet and forwarded the relevant articles to everyone of us.
Yes, now we know it's not difficult as we thought, here comes another problem--> the location. I have seen some local clubs had their own foam party, it looks really fun! everyone was wearing bikinis together with the booze and the MUSIC! woowww! we should do it babies! but shan, how ah? aikkkssss... who willing to sponsor us a place ya? hehe! i assure when we return your house to u will as clean as and as wangi as before ahaa!! pleasseee~~ *watery eyes with puppy face*

haha, anyway, if this really happen, no worries, i will share all the pictures~ looking forward to that!

Soon, after these celebrations, i'm gonna bury my head in the books and also my assignments... god bless i can go through all this ( one of my friends actually says this: "yaa, no worries u have been through the same shit 2 years dy, this is another crap u need to go through!) arrh, F**K it! just play and work to the fullest!! this is how i do it~ we should know how to balance everything in life, not just work work work or play play play... either one i will call it " NO LIFE"! anyway, good nite , hugs and kisses-- french one! haha~~

Alane =))