Friday, September 24, 2010

i'm busy but i enjoy it!aha

Again, i abandon my blog few months..i'm back again! hmmm..shouldn't i update where have i been to this few months?start from Jun... was thinking holiday ending soon, i should go somewhere to have memorable trip! The problem is, i stayed at my father shop being a clerk to update his store management system throughout my holiday.. strictly speaking i spent 2 weeks for my volleyball competition, represented University Malaya to UiTM for MASUM. Rest 2weeks in KL, 3 days for ko-k (special semester) at Gombak, spent another 3 weeks in Johor, came back to KL, semester started! pathetic!

KO-K ,Gombak

MASUM, UiTM (Perlis)

Beach Volleyball

Ya, no doubt, its rural! all i can see is the wheat field...

Okie, jump to August! i went to Hardrock cafe to celebrate National Day,=.=... nth special to celebrate for, actually this outing was organised by Ting(my batchmate), he initially used " Celebration for Independent Day" as an excuse to have a gathering, later we found out 30th is his birthday! Nice one ting~

We went to bangsar to pick up the custom-made cake, they took the picture said we look like whore waiting for customer,
fck them!

Hardrock Cafe!!