Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Holiday part 1

I'MMMMMM FREEEE!! weeeee~~~well, i have finished my exams.. normally we plan alot during the exams, but when the holiday arrives we don't go's hilarious, isn't it?hahaha.. this is what we normally do.. the day after my last paper, i was supposed to join my coursemates for ice skating butttt....but i ended up going to my slumberland almost immediately after lunch...i slept 5 hours!! oh's like i havent slept for a week! hmm... then,i went out for dinner...

well, the place is nice,the design gave me a feeling that i was back in BALI again!! the music, the stuff, the food, the atmosphere is like...ohhhh... i feel like i can hear the ocean, the wave splashing on the rocks... but then suddenly something hit me and destroyed the beautiful atmosphere, sadly it was the sound of the car honking because they were stuck in the jam in taipan.. ya, i was having my dinner in subang taipan, SHHHiIIT!
okie, i ordered lamb chop for myself...Oh My god, its f**king nice!didn't expect the lamb to be that nice

My friend ordered Naili's special fried rice! it tasted so good! oops, forgot to say that we were having dinner at taipan Naili's place! guys check out the place!!

itadakimas! well, i was super hungry!as you can see i couldn't control myself!!look at my FACE!! so eager to start eating...grrrrrr...

wookie, i admit that the pictures are NOT THAT NICE! cause i didn't have a camera with me, thanks to my friend's phone camera anyway =))


I don't understand why people break up cant be friend anymore... well, to me i don't care who you are, even you treat me as enemy, i will treat you as friend, although i will kinda despise you..i still treat you as F.R.I.E.N.D. though. ha, why not,what are you afraid of? you scare that you would fall in love with your ex again?or hate to see your ex hang out with guys or girls?nah, come on!!! this is 21st century, boss.. accept it cause it's a truth, she or he is already your EX!! some people think that its holding on that makes one strong; sometimes its letting go...pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.. Struggling will only cause you more pain... I know its hard! But you have to keep telling and reminding yourself!if you really love something set it free. If it comes back then its meant to be, if not then it wasn't meant to be..

Recently, my friend..hmm how to say, i think we're more like SISTA ahah! he found out that his ex is a super player.. well, i have met kind of the player many times, they will try to convince you that they're serious this time, you are the only one blah blah blah... they have their own skill to make you believe that they're not "womanizer". Also, they think that they can get any girls or boys they want, hmmm...does it feel good to make fun of people?hmm, to me it's kind of waste of time.. what do you get in the end of the day? satisfaction? being a heart-breaker? well, i strongly believe that karma will hit them. i understand exactly how painful it is when karma comes around and bites you.. when a partner cheats, the other half feels pain and it doesn't matter how he or she did it..but it is the lies and the betraying of trust that we give to you..