Saturday, March 28, 2009

sexual assault

What is sexual assault?

Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.
Rape, sometimes also called sexual assault, can happen to both men and women of any age.

Rape is about power, not sex. A rapist uses actual force or violence — or the threat of it — to take control over another human being. Some rapists use drugs to take away a person's ability to fight back. Rape is a crime, whether the person committing it is a stranger, a date, an acquaintance, or a family member.
No matter how it happened, rape is frightening and traumatizing. People who have been raped need care, comfort, and a way to heal.Sometimes a rapist will try to exert even more power by making the person who's been raped feel like it was actually his or her fault. A rapist may say stuff like, "You asked for it" or "You wanted it." This is just another way for the rapist to take control. The truth is that what a person wears, what a person says, or how a person acts is never a justification for rape.

These are non-domestic rapes committed by someone who knows the victim. They include rapes of co-workers, schoolmates, friends, and other acquaintances, including "date rapes."The vast majority of rapes are committed by people who already know the victim. Date Rape also called acquintance rape is rape that occurs between two people who know one another and usually happens in social situations.It can happen between people who are dating as a couple and have had consesual sex in the past. It can happen between two people who are starting to date . It can happen between people who are just friends and it can happen between people who are friends or friends a.k.a. acquaintances

Myth: Only "bad" girls get raped and they "ask for it."
Fact: The first problem with this myth is that it shifts the responsibility for the crime from the rapist to the victim. No woman asks to be victimized, threatened, violated, frightened, humiliated, or degraded. No woman asks to be so threatened and violated that for the rest of her life she vividly remembers the trauma of the experience. No woman asks to fear for her life. No woman deserves to be raped. The second problem with this myth is that it ignores the fact that anyone, anywhere, at any time can be raped. Women, children, and even men have been victimized by rape!
The defendant or defendants involved in sexual assault can be held liable under Sect 375 of the Penal Code entitled “Rape” and Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2006. However, dispelling the myth that husbands cannot rape their wives is very much an uphill task.There is an exception that essentially allows a husband to rape his wife with impunity.

This exception states that, “Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife by a marriage which is valid under any written law for the time being in force, or is recognised in the Federation as valid, is not rape.”
In its attempt to address marital rape, a new subsection, Sect 375A, was formed and states that, “Any man who during the subsistence of a valid marriage causes hurt or fear of death, or hurt to his wife or any other person in order to have sexual intercourse with his wife shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years”.

Sometimes i feel sympathy when the victim tell her friends and even her family but they cant trust her.. some of them make assumptions that the victim herself seduced the rapist!what if you were the victim, and you decided to tell this to your friends and family, their response was :" what? there's no point to argue this, you yourself wanted to get involve in this!you cant blame anybody!".. i felt furious when i heard some of my stupid friends made assumptions that the victim deserve the sexual assault, i really wanted to say that"who are you to judge this?"ya... the victim might be bitchy..but nobody deserved it! whatever the circumstance is, the girl has the rights not to have sex... well, if i were that victim perhaps i could raise up defamation against my stupid friends..hahaha..

Monday, March 16, 2009

what would you do when you feel u're mentally exhausted?

What would you do when u notice that everything has changed? when you try to avoid yourself to face this kind of problem, but in fact keep happening before you..i feel i'm tired to heal myself again and again when i know there's somebody keep hurting me.. why am i doing this to me?im so cruel let myself in such sorrowful condition.. however i found myself a way..

When friend ask me, "is it hard to study law?".. At first i felt nothing as i thought it was just fine to me, after awhile i realise that i can't get over the failure..a sense of inferiority..i started being afraid of speaking in public and in front of people... when i see my coursemate try their best to figure out what i'm trying to say, i feel panicy and start stuttering.. it's such a natural change that i cant even sense that... i started feeling despress, and deep down i know im a loser... i try my best to cheer up and it doesn't make me feel better... now, when people ask me "is it hard to study law?"my answer will be " yes, it is..if u want to take it, you have to bear the pressure, if u cant, please stay as far as you could."

i talked to my sister about my problem, she felt that im losing myself, before i enter into UM, i was brave,confident and shameless(well i'll take it as compliment here)...what wrong with me?can somebody tell me?after a deep thinking,i feel its because i try to be as good as some of my coursemates...and that's why i feel a lot of pressure on me..NO NO NO!!! just go away! For now, i have to remind myself from time to time, ' you're not god!try ur best and don't panic.. just ignore them, what they want to say..fine, let them say" phew.... a bright new day! haha...i think most of us sometimes would feel that " so useless compare to them!", no NO NO NO!!!...we cant expect ourselves to know everthing,we cant deny that some people are smarter, but if we keep competing with them, our life will become harder and tougher,what for? one of my frens always say " chill la chill, no need to be so anxious... party party!" ha..i used to say this to my frens, now people telling me to me instead! so funny...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gay Pub~~~

有时用用华语写写blog也是很爽的事。。可是几百年没动华语的我,发觉到在汉语拼音里找字是一间很痛苦的事。。在进法律系后,发觉到我身边的朋友都有写blog的习惯。。写blog对我来说应该是心理发泻吧,常常把那些我看了不顺眼的东西写下来 心里就会:"sha..." 就好想热的东西把它放在冷水里一样的感觉。。为了做我学校一个assignment我和几个teammate去到了人妖pub去,当初他们提议要去时,我以为他们只是开开玩笑,一直到我坐在车上前往gay pub的路上..."ah?u all really wan to go?" ,"of course la..if not why r u sitting in my car?"

在kl随便找了个大排档就这样解决我们的晚餐。。 来个和照吧~~

gay pub就在kl最出名的pub街,xx street(我忘了什么街了),跟Poppy都一条。。the pub we were going called "Oblige"

gay pub比我想象中还要冷清。。都十一点多了,只有小猫两三只,我告诉他们,可能我们今天会失望而归。。 我们采访了那里的waiter,他说很多在电视上看到名星曾到过这里,还有一些model(是男的哦~)也常观顾


很多人跟我们一样进去只是个 "过路客",去那边开开眼皆。。最让我觉的有趣的是,普通的pub & bistro 站在台上跳的都是女孩子,可是在这里全都是男孩子。。他们跳的比女子更放,更有自信!我的teammate倒是很开心,跟他们"摇"了一晚,而我只想快快做完该做的事回家睡觉。。必竟我来到的是GAY PUB就算再帅的男人,他有很大%是gay!=.= 很有可能他的男朋友就在台上跳的不异了乎。。

我一晚不知说了几次:"oh my god...你看你看。。" ,每天笑别人shua gu的我,今天我真的成为了shua gu kia...

*pls notice the guys hugging each other behind us, this is why we took this picture for..haha..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New illegal Bloger get born here~~kekekexx..

again..i signed up another blog for MYSELF and not for my business...nowadays i notice that is hundred of law fac studentSSss sign up as a blogger, i feel that it's smth weird and seems like it becomes a fashion we should pursue of..well..that's just my personal opinion

i posted most of the law night pictures on my facebook and part of it on my friendster..well, i received some comments, especially my sis one, i have to mention it here..well, she said that some of my friends don't look like local U student.. "Y?who r u talking about??","well, u know la, local U students all from kampung, defintely they look like a nerd & book warm..." "hmm... well i can assure u that the local students nowaday cant compare with your batch la... and u cant imagine that some of my friends are homosexual and bisexual wor.."

i told my friends about that, and all of them hope that my sis was talking about them regarding the "non -local U- look" ( who like to be called as nerd & book warm??), when i was talking about homosexual, they started even excited... gosh...nevertheless, i still like them, open-minded, talkative and their acceptability is high!haha...