Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Year as a Lawyer ( An old post)

I always wanted to be a lawyer. You see, if you are a lawyer, a job that sounds so prestige and posh, whenever you mention it, people will be like " Wow, you are a lawyer!". But now I just can't help myself feeling miserable and sad.

Normally, you think you have finished your law school, you sailed through your exams, you think you know everything! Soon, you start your chambering, you will find that you are completely in the dark about a lot of things. Indeed, the pain came when I started my chambering! I know nothing about corporate and litigation, what is due diligence exercise? what is preferential share? what is fortuna injunction? what is this what is that...... "here I am, confused and full of questions." I told my friends.

Basically law school does not prepare you to practice law. However, it surely teaches you how to 'think like a lawyer' but to behave like one, still leave a lot to be desired. After 9 months of chambering, the feeling was "overwhelming" to be finally admitted to the bar, then I told myself  "finally! woohooo", thought the nightmares had just ended. I got an offer to stay at the same firm, as a litigation associate.

So, after 9 months of grueling pupilage. My worst nightmare began. I had never handled a file myself before, i took over my colleague's files who was leaving the firm. 20 over active files, to seasoned lawyers that sounds like peanuts. I need to emphasize here, I know definitely NOTHING about construction litigation, banking litigation, company dispute, land dispute, blah blah blah... I still remember, I spent endless nights try to understand the construction AND tender drawings. At times, I was soooo depressed and horrified. I needed to attend case management myself, addressed the Court and Judges myself. Worse, I handled my own trial....yes, I just finished my chambering.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

As a Token of My Appreciation

I just felt a bit lazy at work one day. I logged in my blog of which i abandoned for quite sometime and i was shocked to have found out that there are people still reading my blog.. which i don't find it interesting. Perhaps just phantom. Ha..

First thing first, before OR when i first started up my blog... was out of curiosity. Time in uni was pretty boring and i liked to TALK (even now). My ideal blog was always something like exciting and informative either in food, make up, cosmetic blah blah blah...  I always wanted a canggih phone so that i could snap loads pictures and share here.

So... i gotten myself a iphone 4, to be honest i got it from my sister as she wanted to change to iphone 5. But my blog have never changed since then, even now i'm using a Samsung s4. It is still as boring as hell. All the posts that i posted here like i'm talking to myself.

So... i don't who are those people have been reading and checking out my blog. Anyway,  thank you so much and that makes me to keep my blog alive. I think i should post something exciting, motivating, fascinating, "thought-provoking", attention grabbing, and... and.... (stop here). Stay tuned! xp



Friday, April 4, 2014

Why care?

I always wonder, what if one day I crashed my car and i was about to die. Would i regret what i have done so far? As we get older, we always devote most of our time into works. We are young and ambitious, we wanna get rich as soon as possible. We want to earn as much money as we can and enjoy the rest of our lives. As such, we neglect a lot of things, ie. not spending enough time with families, not enjoying life more and not fulfilling their dreams. As we get older these regrets multiply rather than fade away into the memory. The closer we get to death, the clearer we see. The clarity of thought about our lives.We all have something stored in our memory banks of the past that we wish we could have done differently.

People always say life is short. I had never been convinced of that as i always told myself that, "oh no way, i am still young and i have long way to go man!". Then only i came to realise life is so short after experienced a childhood friend who i had  known for 20 years since kindergarten, passed away in a car crash.  It was 5 years ago, i was at my 1st year in my university. I still remember clearly what happened that morning when i received the news, as it was a day after my brother's birthday. I received a call from my hometown friend, you know it is kinda weird when you moved out the town after high school, and you seldom talk to your high school mates anymore. You know something is wrong when they call you out of sudden. And...Yes, this time is very wrong. At first, i thought she was joking, and i asked her..."this is not april fool joke right?" And no way, it was August! My mind just went blank. I put down the phone, and recalled that.. we just partied together few weeks back!! 

I didn't manage to say goodbye to him and didn't even manage to attend for his funeral.The Chinese funeral tradition is like this, parents may not perform funeral planning for their child, so an unmarried person is taken to a funeral home upon death. Chinese rules say that an older person must not show formal respect to a younger person. A child is therefore buried in silence and no funeral ceremonies are performed. Nonetheless, the parents did perform a simple funeral for him. 

People come, people go. Some come back and some never. No matter what, they will drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in your favourite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures. 

After few years, some of my friends and acquaintances also passed away in different circumstances. Some got murdered and some died in car crash. You just realise that... life is too short. You will never know what is gonna happen next. Now, I always tell myself that live life with no regrets. Do whatever i want to do, eat whatever i want to eat and go wherever i want to go. Just go and do it, no restrictions, no questions, no preservation, no holding back, not giving in. Laugh as much as i can, travel as much as i want. Make it interesting and be content with your life, because you only live once! Why care about what people say?

Yesss...why care!

Don't ever look back!!

It is too short to care about what others think of you. The greatest thing you will ever learn is to appreciate and love.

So live your life the way you want to, be happy, be strong, be yourself not caring what people think. 

Alane Neo                          

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I HATE.... and I LIKE...


1. doing nothing and sit in front of my lappy fb-ing whole day- its not productive
2. working/studying on weekends - i want my life
3. players - so you think you're cool? c'on look at the mirror.
4.  liers -; like seriously?i hope someone cuts your tongue.
5. judgmental people- i dont judge you so you better not to
6. people force me to believe what they believe in. - i have my freedom of choice and i dont force you to do that, please respect.
7. who thinks he/she is a big shot- these people demand respect, but i insist you earn it yourself.


1. cooking -; found my interest when i was 10.
2. playing volleyball - although i'm quite dumb at that.
3. beach - i love beer, bikinis and sun
4. travelling - got to experience the different culture, people and the food!! of course!
5. eating - who doesn't like?
6. exercising - getting lazy now, but i still love to do it ONCE in awhile *grins*
7. Things that make me smile - of course you don't wanna be sad right! and i don't fake a smile just to impress you!
8. to wake up early on weekend morning - something people in the city don't do. But i kinda follow the trend of getting up late now, although i still like the atmosphere and the nice feeling on weekend morning, enjoy big english breakfast with a cup of black coffee *yum yum* 
9. my family and my friends - family isn't always blood. it's the people in your life want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what

With love,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chambering- Story 1

10 December 2012, Monday, 8.15am

Today, as usual, woke up EARLY IN THE MORNING, prepared my own breakie then I rushed to Shah Alam High Court for case management at 9am. I was running out of time, and out of sudden I asked myself, oh no, which registrar I suppose to see. While my ass got caught up in the jam, I ran through the file, ok this lady, at Tingkat LBH (which I don’t know what it stands for- would it be “Lembaga B?? H??” ahh I don’t know), when I reached there, its already 8.55am! DAFUQ, went to the information counter, and they told me Tingkat LBH is at another building which is not in the Shah Alam High Court, I was like, WHAT?! Are you telling me I came to the wrong place? The lady at the information counter was very helpful, she calmed me down and asked, who is the registrar and finally she directed me to the correct place for the case management. I literally ran to the place and registered myself. That was my first case management in Shah Alam Court, basically the procedure is abit different as compared to KL Duta Court. 

After the case management, I happily walked to my car. Then a lady who is in her 50s approached me, speaking in Mandarin, “Hi Miss, I am sorry. I just wanna confirm with you whether I am at the correct place, because my lawyer has asked me to come to this place by 9 and he is not reachable and I have been waiting for an hour.” And then she showed me the address which sent by her lawyer to her phone. “Yes, it is correct. But your lawyer never tell you which floor?” she looked very worried, and said “ No, he just asked me to be here before 9am, and I can’t reach him now, what should I do?” So my guess was, maybe the lawyer off his phone because he is already in the court. Oh wells, so I asked the lady what case she is having today. She looked at me, I couldn't really tell what the expression was, worried? Scared? Panic? Devastated? Finally she said “Divorce.” Whenever I hear people talk about their divorce, I will get very upset and emotional. I have seen that happened to my relatives or close friends since I was young. Since I finished my case early, so I decided to help her. I went to the information counter (again), and asked about the court(s) for family cases. Apparently there are 2 courts for family matters; one is at 2nd floor and another one at 6th floor. We checked the 2nd floor Family Court's board and the applicant names, the lady confirmed that her name was not there. So we went to the 6th floor, while we came out from the elevator, her phone rang again(her phone had been ringing since we met) She passed it to her sister and her sister answered it. Then I heard her sister said this, “what? Why do I need to lie to you? You have to know that we are here for your mum… don’t say something like this.” That got me thinking a little bit, why a child would suspect her aunty lie to her/him? What happened to this marriage? me and that lady had a little chat after we got at the 6th floor, she told me that it is a single petition, well. She complaint about the travelling distance to Shah Alam Court as she stays in Klang. We found that correct court eventually, and her lawyer wasn't in the court. I was like, why is this lawyer so irresponsible. Never inform the client where to meet, asked the client to come at 9am and he himself never show up. WHAT’S THIS? She was so worried and kept asking me what to do, however all I can do was, calm her down, and asked her to call her lawyer once again, if he’s still can’t be reached, then the only choice is to wait for her lawyer in the court until her lawyer comes.I apologised to her that I have to leave and can’t help her more and wished her good luck. She and her sister thanked me for helping them. 

I walked to my car, I felt abit uneasy actually. I always think that it is never easy for a woman to divorce her husband, especially when kids/children are involved. She doesn't look like someone from a wealthy family and I can tell that divorce can really release her pain from the conversation we had while we were searching for the correct court.  I never ask her why she wants to divorce her husband. I think I just don’t wanna look like a busybody since it is none of my business. Anyway I really hope the best to that lady: whatever you are fighting now, continue fighting and don’t give up.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Never give up

I always tell myself, never give up, you have so much to give, no matter how nasty comments you get, listen and learn. I believe that at some point in the various paths we embark in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up. Its easy to give up and tough to fight. But battle it out, you will be amazed how much you can do. As long as you are still alive and healthy, keep trying until you finally succeed.

No man in the world is perfect. Mistakes and errors are unavoidable. And never look down on people, you will never know that the quiet boy sitting at the corner in the classroom, that one you always call weirdo, might be the next listed company directors. Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential, we will never know what we have inside of us.

So this is what i gonna say to all those people who are looking down on me,  
wait and see!

" A proud man is always looking down on things and people, and of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you." C.S. Lewis

Good day ;)

Alane De Neo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My life as a chambering student

if you wanna be a chambering student, you must be a qualified person as in a law graduate. Chambering, is another way of internship where a law graduate having passed the requisite professional examinations. As i'm from local university, therefore i need not sit for CLP ( Certificate in Legal Practice). CLP is a course and examination taken by foreign law graduates in order to become a qualified person as defined under the Legal Profession Act 1976. Lucky me, did not need to sit for another exam, i could then proceed to read in chambers and 9 months later of chambering,then called to the bar and become a qualified lawyer.

Now here i am, doing my third week in Mah-kamariyah & Philip Koh, a medium-big size law firm in Kuala Lumpur.  I was quite nervous before i started my chambering. Worried about the tasks, assignments, whether i'd be able to perform well. I was not excel in school, my concern all the time in university was to pass the exam and graduate. After struggling so hard in STPM,   i told myself i'm not going to study like that anymore. The final exam in my final semester, i did not really spend alot of time like i used to, in revision. I even told myself,  "sure pass one." HAHAHA. Now i'm wondering how the hell i got the guts to tell myself i'ld pass the ultimate exam that time. Thinking about the consequences of not passing the exam now, that gives me goosebumps. Waste another year just for that paper. No, no noooo..i aint gonna do that.

My firm does alot corporate cases, although they have ADR, Civil litigation and conveyancing department. Medium-big size firm always my ideal working place in terms of exposure as i have an apportunity to try different scopes of work then only i can decide which area of law i would like to practice in. Although i have done some litigation works while i did my attachment in Wong associates and solictors, and abit of conveyancing files in Halim Hong & Quek.

Hope that i'll still be fine and in one piece after 9 months. For others, cheers for your incoming excitement and hope the best that you and i can complete it. Lets do it, lets rock it!